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As a former career video editor, Kevin has developed a unique ability to deliver the perfect outcome for a client, when they weren't really sure what they wanted in the first place. Buying a home is far more than just a room count and square footage measurement. Observing a client's reactions, listening to what they say, and watching them respond to a space gives Kevin all the information he needs to create an image of the perfect home for them, in his head. Then he finds them that house...and using his understanding of psychology and finely-honed negotiating skills and strategy, gets them the best price possible.

Kevin's specialty is in listing and selling houses and his track record speaks for itself: Homes marketed and listed by The DeSelms Group typically sell for 6-10% more than the MLS averages and in roughly 1/3rd the amount of time. In 2022 Kevin set a Longmont sales record, selling a home for nearly 80% more than its established market value. He has refined a comprehensive, time-tested and proven method of selling homes that differs significantly from what real estate agents have traditionally done. If there's a chance of creating a bidding war, Kevin will make it happen. Negotiating the final price of a client's sale is his favorite part of the process and his goal is always to get our clients the absolute maximum.


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For nearly sixteen years, I worked on both network and studio content as a video editor out in Los Angeles. This included well-known shows such as Breaking Bad, Californication, Gossip Girl, Ghost Whisperer, Intervention, and a long list of others; as well as producing and editing "behind the scenes" featurettes for the home video releases of films such as The Lord Of The Rings Extended Edition, The Hobbit, Straight Outta Compton, The Shallows, and many more. My client skills, attention to detail, focus on innovation, foresight, understanding of psychology, and calm under pressure all come from those years spent in the trenches of video post-production.

Leaving Hollywood to return home to the Denver area with my wife and kids to start a career in real estate was not an easy decision; my only regret today is not having done it sooner! Helping people with one of the biggest financial transactions they'll ever make, and ensuring that everything happens as smoothly and effectively as possible, results in clients who are willing and eager to share their stories with others and recommend us to everyone they know. Every time I hear the gratitude of a client on closing day, or read a new testimonial review someone left for us, I feel a level of job satisfaction that I never felt in my previous career. Helping people and making a difference in their lives is more rewarding than just providing them entertainment!

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